Customer Excellence Program: Trust and Growth for Large Organisations

How is your organisation building customer trust and fostering lasting growth through exceptional customer experiences?

Complete our maturity assessment here.

How is your organisation building customer trust and fostering lasting growth through exceptional customer experiences?

Complete our maturity assessment here.

Bridging the Trust Gap: The Imperative for Change

Did you know that only 30% of consumers trust large organisations such as banks, insurance, and teleco’s companies, yet the executives of those very organisations think that 87% of consumers have their trust?

Furthermore, 44% of consumers have stopped buying from an organisation due to a lack of trust.
– Source: PWC

These startling statistics are more than just a number; it’s a wake-up call, especially in a competitive market, where  differentiation in customer service is quickly evaporating due to technological advancements.

The dwindling trust reflects a harsh reality for large organisations: the challenge of scaling amidst growing consumer scepticism.

These are the stark facts when it comes to leading financial institutions, insurance enterprises, and other big organisations such as healthcare, teleco’s, IT and professional services companies.

Overcoming this hurdle requires growth—either organically, by attracting and retaining customers, or through partnerships and acquisitions.

Not one of these organisations wants to face the ignominy of being left behind as the market evolves, just to survive.

As an executive, the last thing you want is for that to happen under your tenure…

You can leave that one out of your LinkedIn profile!

So, to thrive, you must grow.

But how can you foster organic growth when customer trust is waning?

Substantial change and immediate action are needed.

Next Level Growth for Banks, Insurance, Telecommunications and Service Companies

At Ellivate, we have designed our Customer Excellence Program with your customers at the core. If you want to grow, then putting customers at the centre of everything you do is essential.

The Customer Excellence Program has been developed from our decades of experience developing customer excellence and fostering growth in large scale organisations.

It will bring results for service-based businesses such as:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • IT consulting and support services
  • Hospitality & tourism services
  • Professional services
  • Real estate

A strong core, frameworks and disciplines equal an amazing customer experience. So, we focus on embedding foundational structures to allow your organisation to grow and empowering teams to find solutions for the real problems.

What sets us apart is our unique approach to your success — For our success hinges on yours.

We focus on people, processes, and performance, offering personalised attention and tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. This means we work closely with you, to understand your business and collaborate to solve challenges and drive results.

The Customer Excellence Program encompasses this customised approach across four key areas:

Execute through Excellence

We provide a consistent, proven, and documented approach to daily challenges by implementing routines and habits, ensuring every single customer interaction is meaningful and exceptional with a balanced risk focus.

Measure & Motivate

We examine your metrics and analytics to identify how you will track, analyse, and report on your performance allowing you to make better, more informed decisions.

Talented Teams

Talent acquisition and equipping your teams with the right skills and competencies is critical, as they are your business’ greatest asset. We focus on training staff and coaching leaders to help teams grow and succeed.

Customer Excellence

Without our customers, we are nothing. We ensure every single role becomes customer obsessed to drive excellence in the customer experience.

The Customer Excellence Pathway

Our Approach: Elevating Customer Excellence

There’s no magic bullet to success, so we routinely challenge conventional thinking to get a more accurate understanding of the problem. It’s a collaborative journey designed to help you achieve your revenue and growth goals.

We learn an organisation’s processes and functions, transforming chaos into cohesion by embedding repeatable sales, service, and coaching processes. Finally, we transform your teams with coaching and training to ensure the solutions are deeply embedded.

This empowers your organisation to better understand customer needs through quality conversations, while supporting your operations and service teams to prioritise the best customer experience.

The result is excellence in sales and service, with your customers at the core.

The delivery of the Customer Excellence Program is done through our proprietary training and coaching methods, utilising the Mindtickle platform, and the GROW model.

Mindtickle is the central repository of all our learning content. It brings to life interactive learning and role play scenarios that are re-enforced with innovative gamification elements such as leader boards and collaboration. Team members are coached by the Mindtickle’s AI which is further supplemented by their team leader.

Ready to Take Your Customer Excellence to The Next Level?

Growth is essential, considering the alternative.

It’s time to take the next step.

Make your next step a giant leap, with Ellivate’s Customer Excellence Program.

Book a meeting with our experts today and discover how we will build customer trust and foster lasting growth in your organisation through exceptional customer experiences.