Next Level RevOps Consulting - Virtual RevOps Leader

Take the next step with clear strategy, scalable framework, and market leading tools.

Get immediate, actionable insights into the maturity of your business.

Take the next step with clear strategy, scalable framework, and market leading tools.

Get immediate, actionable insights into the maturity of your business.​

Ever feel like your business is a circus?

You’re constantly spinning plates, trying to keep sales, marketing, and customer success all in the air, only to see your revenue growth wobbling?

It’s an executive circus act, and you’re the main performer.

All eyes are on you, just waiting for a plate to come crashing down.

You don’t have to be a clown when there’s a clear solution to keeping the show going.

That’s where we take centre stage, with our game changing revenue operations consulting service…

Virtual RevOps Leader.

Is Your SaaS Revenue Operations Stuck in First Gear?

In a SaaS or technology business without revenue operations, the primary functions of sales, marketing and customer success are all independently striving to achieve their own goals, KPIs and efficiencies.  When operating in independent silos like this your business will inevitably suffer from misalignment between departments, inefficient processes, and poor decision making. 

This lack of strategic cohesiveness directly impacts your customer experience, revenue, and your ability to scale efficiently, sustainably and profitably, eroding your company’s culture and vision.

In the new world of ‘Go-to-Market’, your sales, marketing, and customer success teams need to function as one unified, high-performing revenue team with a ‘silo-free’ focus.

This is Revenue Operations (RevOps).

By putting in place a RevOps function, your business takes a holistic view of the customer lifecycle, delivering efficient and effective processes, resulting in increased customer loyalty and advocacy.

That delivers what we’re all aiming for… sustainable revenue growth, and the main attraction in this 3-ring circus… Scalability!

Sounds good right?  Sure, but RevOps is a new capability to most organisations and that means building a RevOps function is going to be a significant change.

There’s a lot of moving parts to put in place…

New hires and new processes. 

When your teams have never worked like this, making this change is not going to be easy.

Lucky for you, we have successfully implemented RevOps in countless businesses, with Virtual RevOps Leader

The optimal RevOps framework for scale-ready SaaS enterprises.

Leadership in Revenue Operations Consulting

Virtual RevOps Leader gives your business the leadership that you need to make the change and put in place what will be the framework that unlocks your potential to scale sustainably and ultimately defines your success. We’ll build a powerful RevOps function by helping you to identify and recruit the talent you need, implementing the processes that drive cohesiveness and maintaining flawless collaboration within your new structure.

Our secret sauce? It’s Ellivate's unique 12-Level Pathway to Scale.

We holistically address your revenue operations and enablement for improved productivity and performance.  We strengthen and embed the foundations of your go-to-market strategy, identifying the right solutions for the real problems.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we custom-fit our 12-Level pathway to scale to your organization.

We challenge everything, including your:
  • Operating Rhythm
  • Process
  • Process Improvement
  • Targets & KPIs
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Operating Model
  • Platforms & Tools
  • Communication & Messaging
  • Competencies
  • Training
  • Coaching
Our pathway ensures peak productivity by setting an efficient operating rhythm, creating the right sales process, and refining your processes through process improvements.  We nurture your talent through effective competency development, training, and coaching.

The 12-Level Pathway to Scale

The Ellivate Advantage

It’s our approach that sets us apart.

We operate at the intersection of people, process, and performance.

We focus on the real challenges and concerns at the heart of your enterprise, then work alongside you to solve them.

Our powerhouse team has a combined 60 years of experience across the technology, corporate, and fintech spaces.  We give you industry leading knowledge and experience that delivers efficient and effective sales and service change, driving your revenue, and enabling you to achieve lasting growth at a rapid pace.

We are the Shot of Adrenaline your business needs.

Go Next Level with our RevOps Consulting – Virtual RevOps Leader

Whether your business is under pressure to scale rapidly, or you’re in it for the long haul, our team of industry experts is ready to make your bottom line our business.

If you’re tired of being a clown on centre stage juggling independent business functions, then put down those plates and take off that red nose, because it’s time to take the next step toward cohesive, unified operations.

We define what success looks like for you, we identify your quick wins, and we equip you with tools to put to work immediately. 

 Get a sneak peek at the sustainable growth and rapid scale that Virtual RevOps Leader will deliver to your business.


Level Up with clear strategy, scalable framework, and market leading tools.

Get immediate, actionable insights into the maturity of your business.