Workshops to Achieve Real Results

Our workshops have been specifically developed to facilitate true change in your organisation, by developing your teams' capabilities and laying the foundations for lasting sustainable growth.

All workshops are available face-to-face or online to suit your business's requirements.

Company Values Workshop

Without clearly defined values and vision, businesses face issues like lack of cohesion, inability to attract top talent and general lack of motivation.


Our Company Values Workshop enables businesses to formally identify and articulate their company values, shaping their culture and vision. This not only promotes a strong culture with shared purpose and unity within your team but also aids in attracting and retaining talent and driving engagement among team members and customers.

Sales and Service Training

Our Sales and Service Training program empowers teams in SaaS and B2B tech enterprises to address their challenges with scalable revenue generation and customer satisfaction by targeting four primary obstacles: The lack of learning pathways, insufficient professional development, team inconsistency, and inadequate instruction on execution.


Enterprises that have completed this workshop benefit from increased revenue, enhanced customer experience, and improved team member retention, leading to business growth and sustainability.

DISC For Sales

The DISC For Sales workshop is aimed at sales teams struggling to meet expectations, hindered by poor understanding, communication skills, and difficulty building customer rapport.


After one day, participants know how to identify different personality types in buyers and tailor their approach to sales accordingly, thereby improving communication, building better rapport, and accelerating the sales process leading to more sales and revenue.

DISC for Leaders

Our DISC for Leaders workshop is designed for leaders in fast-paced SaaS and Tech businesses, where effective leadership is paramount but often hindered by communication gaps, unrecognised strengths, and misaligned efforts.


We provide deep insight into individual and team personalities and behaviour, resulting in more effective, empowered leaders who truly understand the individuals in their teams. The business then benefits from enhanced team alignment, reduced misunderstandings, improved productivity, better talent retention, and an overall healthier business culture with leadership that inspires and guides rather than merely instructs.

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