The benefits of personality and behavioural profiling in coaching

Why you should leverage personality and behavioural profiling as part of any coaching program

When asked to describe our own personality and behaviour types most of us can give a fairly good summary such as – I’m outgoing, love to be around people, don’t like to get into the detail, fast-moving and action-orientated, but we struggle to always understand the drivers of this, how it is affected by different situations such as our work and how our personality and behaviours can impact others.

By using an assessment tool as part of an individual or team coaching session there are many key benefits:

  • We are able to understand ourselves better, our key traits and how these are formed around different measures such as task and people.
  • We can learn how our traits adapt in different scenarios such as due to the task or role we are performing or the people that we regularly engage with
  • By understanding our own style, we can learn how we need to adapt this in different situations to achieve better outcomes such as:

o Engaging with colleagues in your team

o Leading a team

o Meeting with customers and being able to adapt your style to build better rapport

These profiling tools can be a journey of self-discovery and help individuals or teams achieve better outcomes.

One such tool is the DISC Profile® Assessment which is a resource for individuals and organisations desiring to improve performance, increase productivity and to positively persuade other people.

The ability to create rapport with people is a fundamental skill in sales, management, personal relationships, and everyday life. The goal of the DISC Profile® Assessment is to help you create personal chemistry and productive relationships. You don’t have to change your personality; you simply have to understand what drives people and recognise your options for effectively dealing with them.

For example, nearly every sales interaction with each prospect can be a success… if you know how to adapt to different buying styles!

The DISC Profile® Assessment can be a great way to kick off a coaching engagement as the detailed report helps you better understand your own personality traits as well as leading to you developing actions that will help you when engaging with others whether that be colleagues, leaders or customers.

Chris Ellis is accredited in DISC ADVANCED® which is the worlds most advanced DISC assessment. Unlike other “personality tests”, these assessments were designed for the workplace from the ground up.

The assessment measures both the subconscious “real self” and the conscious behavioural styles. This permits evaluation of the impact of the work environment and potential job pressures on the person.

You can find out more about this program here

Various reports are available depending on you need including DISC Profile, DISC for Leadership and DISC for Sales

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