How to align your GTM Strategy

Sales, marketing, operations, and customer success – these teams focus on one thing: Revenue. Today, we are well beyond just sales and marketing alignment. To create revenue growth, all these teams need to work together across the customer journey.

Businesses today generate revenue through their customers – by landing new customers, building relationships, retaining, and upselling them. Yet, many teams in these organisations struggle to align and work alongside one another. In turn, this internal friction creates gaps in executing their strategy for the customer. The lack of alignment of teams is hurting results and, ultimately, revenue.

Research shows that only 14% of B2B organisations have an aligned planning process across product, operations, marketing, and sales. And as customer journeys become more complex, organisations need to remain agile and to do that, there is one thing they need to align with every team – the Go-To-Market strategy.

Here are four strategies to implement to align your Go-To-Market strategy and your teams to drive revenue growth:

1. Let your marketing team define and engage the audience

One golden rule of marketing is understanding your customers: their needs, motivations, goals, and pain points. Once you have done this, you can determine how you will communicate and engage with them through your brand.

You must put the customers at the heart of every campaign you do. One way to do this is through personalisation. In creating your marketing strategy, consider customer-level personalisation to increase conversions, engagement and integrate the data and insights from these activities right across the sales cycle to understand the customer better.

Not only does this deliver a better experience for your prospects and customers, but it also gives greater ROI from your marketing channels and drives alignment across your GTM teams.

2. Enable your sales teams to build relationships with the customers

The better sellers can build relationships with the prospect, the faster deals close. But to do it right, you need to set your sales team up for success.

This is where operations and enablement come in.

Operations is about helping your go-to-market teams become more efficient, getting better results from less effort and freeing up time to spend more time selling. Enablement is about enhancing individual and team effectiveness, increasing their capability, knowledge, and skills to enable them to have better conversations with their prospects and customers.

Equipping your sales team to spend more time selling and, during that time, having better conversations is a critical part of operations and enablement. Both are crucial to how a business should function. If embedded correctly, it will help drive results and revenue growth.

3. Recognise the value of customer success

Customer success focuses on helping the customer realise the value of your solution. They help realise success for everyone – the customer and your organisation. By focusing on customer success in your GTM strategy, the role they play, how they engage with product, marketing, sales, and operations, you are building the foundations for long-term growth through your existing customers.

You create and enhance the capabilities to retain your current customers, develop advocates for your product, and expand relationships through upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

In your GTM strategy, always consider customer success and ensure that the programs and processes are aligned to create value for your customers.

4. Align shared goals and objectives on your GTM strategy

According to a study, companies that align their revenue teams experience 15% higher profitability and 19% faster revenue growth. By doing this, their insights, goals and motivation become the same.

To get these teams on the same page, rally them around customer-centric goals and ensure they understand that it is essential to always consider the customer in everything they do. A customer-first mindset will help drive revenue growth.

The key is to stop creating different goals and metrics for each team and seeing marketing, sales, and customer success as separate entities. In aligning your GTM strategy, you should be working towards a shared goal – and you will get better outcomes. This also rings true for teams critical to supporting GTM teams, such as operations and product.

A good relationship and alignment between these teams allows them to understand their role in the whole organisation and to take ownership in achieving revenue growth.

Create a strong GTM Strategy for your business

We believe that unless you have the correct frameworks and GTM strategy that aligns your teams, scaling your business will be complicated and difficult.

So, we are sharing one of the ways we help teams achieve revenue growth – our 12-level pathway. We address every facet of operations and enablement to improve go-to-market productivity and performance.

Ellivate’s 12-level pathway focuses on operations and enablement and how these can help drive the effectiveness and efficiency of your GTM teams to drive revenue growth in organisations. At the core is the strategy – everything begins with a clear and coherent strategy.

We interrogate every aspect of the journey and provide the required frameworks, processes, systems and tools needed to create a cohesive and unified approach — and, ultimately, business success. It is all about identifying the right solutions for the real problems your organisation faces and embedding them into the foundations of your business.

Create a strong GTM strategy for your business by employing operations and enablement tailored across your customer-facing teams.

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