Transforming your sales process

In a world of changing markets and empowered customers, you have to transform how you do things to achieve growth – and that includes your sales process. So how do you keep your sales process up to date?

Adapting your process to fit your customers’ needs is one thing. Here are four strategies you can implement to transform your sales process to impact your business and customers positively:

1. Use data to measure your next step.

Analytics can do many things – and more than just determining the output of your marketing and sales efforts, data can also drive your team’s next direction. By gathering insights through the customers’ data, you can nurture their interests and develop a relationship with them when you know their behaviour.

Through data, you can establish a process to measure what works. You can obtain insights through a deep analysis of how your customers behave on a campaign. It can serve as your baseline data on what works for your organisation and what does not.

A process driven by analytics allows you to hit growth targets, establish a competitive advantage, and maximise the potential of your sales team. Analytics can provide you with which processes and messaging work best so that you can repeat them across your entire team. Analytics show you what prospects are the most engaged, so you can quickly rank top prospects and follow-up more effectively.

Data drives better decision making and helps you achieve better results!

2. Create a customer-centric sales process.

Putting an emphasis on your customer in everything you do paves the way to a strong relationship between your team and customers. When you create a customer-centric process, you allow your team to work together and rally your organisation into looking at customers’ perspectives.

Optimise your sales process by engaging the right customer at the right time for a discussion. Allow your team to focus not just on closing deals but helping the customer throughout the journey. Proactive outreach to prospects and customers at just the right time will help progress sales opportunities and grow existing relationships.

Remember that a happy customer generates leads – and can turn into an advocate.

3. Automate your sales process.

A sales process is like your game plan for generating leads and acquiring customers. With the right system in place, you can keep your prospects organised, reach out to your customers in time, and build strong relationships with them.

Build your sales processes in a way that helps your team manage their workload and tasks while growing the business. By automating your sales process, you can increase the time that your sales can spend on selling. Who wants to be manually updating tasks and activities into your CRM, for example?

Routine tasks that take away from core selling time are pain points for sales leaders. Look, or rather listen to your sales team to understand the pain points they face. Identify tools and systems that can help automate and remove the pain points.

Organise your team to become agile and adapt to the growing demands of your business.

4. Transform your processes with the right assessment tool.

Transforming your sales process enables your team to become more focused on the tasks that contribute to the actual growth of your team and can also improve their productivity and efficiency.

We believe that the best way to determine what you need to revisit on your sales process is through a complete assessment of your business right across your customer-facing teams.

Our scale-up assessment allows you to take a quick health check on your business through 12-core competencies and facets of operations and enablement – the sales process being one of these.

Take our free 3-minute assessment and receive an instant report that you can implement immediately to your team.

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