Leading effectively in the era of hybrid work

One of the many things this past year made clear is that the world of work has forever changed – and it calls for transformation in how we lead our teams. The situation today has demanded an evolution in the way we work and learn. How are you going to lead effectively in the new era of hybrid work?

In today’s work environment, leaders need to be effective, fast-paced, and results-driven. To succeed, they need to unlearn what they already know and shift to acquiring new skills that will help them lead effectively in a hybrid workplace setup.

A hybrid workplace has given a different approach on how leaders should see their teams – and it looks like it’s here to stay. Now, you must find the right balance between having your team in a physical office and remotely.

In a physical office, you need to consider the social and cultural dimensions of work. Remotely, your priorities should be operations and processes.

Leading a hybrid team requires adaptability to change and an openness to experimentation. As a leader, now is the time to start re-evaluating and planning your organisation’s structure. After all, hybrid work is about adapting to how teams work best and creating experiences that reach everyone.

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Lead effectively in the era of hybrid work

To lead your team in a physical office setup, establish culture-building and collaboration with the 3Ps.


Strive to give remote and in-office employees the same experience by meeting the needs of their team members and planning ahead of the guidelines that prioritise collaboration, such as “time-in-office” tasks.


Promote values such as relationship-building, empathy, fairness, and inclusion in your hybrid teams. Ensure that you have inclusive practices for things like team huddles or group calls. By doing this, you cultivate their mindset and learning agility. Find time every couple of weeks to talk with their team members about what’s working and what isn’t.


Permit your team to be social and trust one another. Don’t schedule back-to-back meetings and encourage people to strike conversations with their team. Allowing people to speak up, be vulnerable, and share concerns and ideas will make your team a highly effective one.

When it comes to remote work, leaders should enable people to get things done and achieve results. In doing this, consider these three things:


Make sure that everyone has access to the tools and resources they need to be productive, as well as to the opportunities for growth through establishing a coaching culture in your remote teams. Coaching fosters more innovative solutions, morale, and improved productivity among members.

Standards and processes

Take time to craft a set of shared team standards, processes, norms, and expectations for interactions such as meetings and one-on-ones. It helps foster connectedness among the team when everyone understands the team goals, values, and decisions.


Ensure everyone is engaged – no matter where they are. Manage the team’s visibility and engagement by proactively soliciting input, questions, and feedback. With this, you can ensure that everyone, including your remote teams, is called on and brought into opportunities.

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Lead effectively in the era of hybrid work

Overall, leaders must balance differing employee preferences with a desire for continued productivity and collaboration. This new setup is a chance to create a new, more effective operating model that works for companies and leaders navigating a world of increasing uncertainty.

They should acknowledge that this environment is new and different and that what works for one person will not work for everyone. When members of your hybrid team see you recalibrate, adapt, and embrace the future with an agile and collaborative mindset, they’ll likely do the same.

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