What a good coach can do for your business

A challenge for business leaders is – how do you pursue growth in your organisation?

The reality is this: When leaders and their team know what their next step is, they’ll perform more productively, achieve results, and have a clear path towards success.

To achieve growth, you need someone to help you work towards the same goal, and coaching can offer new approaches for leaders looking to scale up their business.

Coaching is critical to any business that this serious about taking their performance to the next level and staying ahead of their competition. Just as a world-class athletics coach can transform a good team into a championship-winning team, a good coach can do amazing things for your business on its growth and scale journey.

According to the International Coaches Federation, 86% of organisations saw a return on investment with their coaching engagements, and 96% of those with executive coaches said they would repeat the process.

Coaching provides an invaluable amount of knowledge to your organisation. Most successful businesses have coaches that help them succeed – so what’s stopping you?

Here are some things that coaching can do for your business:

Redefine your business’ challenges

When a business faces a challenge that hinders its growth, leaders often approach it with a solution based on how they solved the problem in the past. However, with a coach working hand-in-hand with the leader, there could be a more innovative solution to the problem.

Having a coach or consultant on the team allows you to address your business’ challenges towards scaling in a new way. They can ask powerful questions and let leaders re-evaluate their current methods of tackling the issue.

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A good coach will help you identify the real challenge, allow for an additional pair of eyes to see the bigger picture, and help you create solutions based on what’s working and what needs to change.

Help you achieve your goals.

Coaches have no other goal than to help you succeed – therefore, your goal is also theirs.

Their time and experience working in the industry and honing their skills as experts can improve organisational effectiveness and help you flourish through a series of sessions by guiding, challenging and listening.

Of course, there is no specific formula that coaches can give for your business to succeed, but partnering with a good coach can put you in the “driver’s seat” to help you navigate the right path towards success.

Establish engagement with your employees

Coaches provide a new opportunity for employees to be engaged and contribute to the future of the business. When each team member is involved and takes ownership of their work contributing to the business’s success, you’ll know you are on the right path.

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Establish engagement with your employees

As a leader, sometimes just building a seamless relationship with your team might be hard for you while managing and handling the strategy as you grow the business.

Coaches can help your teams contribute to the success of the whole business by empowering everyone to play to their strengths, involving them in the growth and scale-up process.

Align your GTM strategy for your teams

Coaches can assist you in aligning your Go-to-Market strategy and help set you up for success. With their ability to gauge and recognise your readiness and commitment to change, they can identify where your business might be lacking and how you can pivot your strategy to suit your business’ growing needs.

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They highlight processes and how they will align with the goals of your business. They consider:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Leadership and culture
  • Product-market fit
  • Right people and competencies
  • Messaging and communications
  • Processes
  • Commercial strategy
  • Data and insight decision

Sometimes a process that doesn’t conform to your usual strategy is required, and coaches can help you look outside of the box.

Remember that transformation in your organisation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication and sometimes, help from outside your organisation to create an effective solution for scaling up.

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